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Unit Complex Managers & Body Corporates

Important Information....

It is a common misconception that unit complex Managers can determine if junk mail is accepted or not accepted into each unit letterbox. We can not stress enough, how incorrect this is.

The only people / person who can decide what a lot accepts into its own allocated mailbox, is the current resident of the lot in question.

How these findings came about....

Many an argument has happened across the Redlands in between unit complex Managers and deliverers. Sadly, we have been made aware of at least two different incidences where a deliverer was physically attacked and on one occasion, their jaw broken and on the second incident, a unit complex Manager admitted to being so frustrated at deliverers ignoring his Australia Post Only sign, he kicked the vehicle a deliverer was riding and the deliverer allegedly retaliated causing physical harm to the Manager. No one should need to endure that type of treatment or stress, so the Directors of Expose Yourself have personally sought the official findings of who does or doesn't have the right to deliver to unit complex letterboxes to avoid hopefully any further incidences.

Official Findings....

It was the official findings of the Redland City Council and the Department of Environment that the ONLY person who can determine whether a lot receives junk mail or not directly to the box is the resident of that lot. The appropriate signage to show the acceptance or denial of junk mail is a "No Junk Mail" sign on each individual letterbox.

Signage portraying penalties for not complying with unenforceable signs....

Managers and Body Corporates, please be aware that letterbox distribution is in 90% plus time a paid service carried out by either employees or contractors. If income is lost, harassment occurs, or actions of either threatened, these can have serious legal implications for the unit complex manager / body corporate of that complex in question.

If you experience harassment while delivering.....

If you feel threatened, or in danger, phone the police immediately. If your customers are contacted, or any loss of income occurs as a result of the actions of a unit complex manager or body corporate erection of signage threatening please contact us direct for further information on 0406 665 709.

In the interest of safety for all involved, if you see these signs at complexes and any attempt to enforce the signage is made, please call the Redland City Council and ask to speak to a compliance officer and report the matter.

Let's keep everyone safe!